Products and Testimonials

Each THIN Centers MD product is specially formulated to complement the THIN Centers MD Medical Weight Loss program. Each of our revolutionary products combine a great taste with a formula to help you naturally stay at peak energy both mentally and physically while burning fat.
A great tasting approach to cleanse and purify a patient's body whose health is constantly challenged. This all natural, fructose-free formula promotes overall gastrointestinal health and optimizes the body's ability to detoxify harmful substances and burn fat.
A great way to curb your cravings! Our delicious cookies provide you with a tasty way to lose weight while receiving the benefits of an all-natural, preservative-free treat. Each cookie provides you with the ability to safely manage your hunger, while still being able to eat a dessert like treat.
Great if you are pressed for time! Our Bars feature a great taste that is low in calories, total fat and carbohydrates. Each bar provides you with the ability to safely manage your hunger without having to worry about what or how much to eat.
A great way to start your day! Our delicious shakes help you lose weight without counting calories or worrying about what to eat. Each Shake is vitamin fortified and rich in protein providing you with the ability to control your apetite, while still being able to eat a tasty treat.
An innovative bundle of supplements designed to optimize your body's ability to burn fat, increase metabolism, energy, mitochondria and suppress hunger. This bundle also includes a daily multi-vitamin to help build a proper nutritional and wellness foundation.
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