How Does it Work?

We understand that the most difficult part of losing weight is taking the initiative to start. However, once you have decided to make this commitment, Inland Center Medical Group will provide you with the necessary tools and materials to turn your goal into a reality. Our medical staff will assist you with every step of your diet, provide beneficial advice that will enhance your weight loss, and support your needs to ensure your diet is effective. One way that our staff will show their dedication is they start with an initial consultation. This involves a member of our staff reviewing to you key health metrics which include: Medical/Diet history, Body Profile Report, Complete Blood Evaluation, and Physical Exams. When you arrive for your Follow-Up Visit, the Inland Center Medical Group medical staff will review your  Body Report and Diet Journal, along with making necessary modifications to your diet to ensure weight loss.
Inland Center Medical Group provides great diet plans that will be beneficial to your specific lifestyle, whether you are the type of person that loves to cook at home, has a busy work schedule, or wants to renew your body into a more desirable fashion. The diets that we provide are unique and fall into three programs. One of them involves having an individual learn how to eat healthy when he/she is at home or out in the world. This plan is specific for the individual at it provides low calorie diets that are prepared fresh and irresistible. It also has lower insulin levels to increase your body’s ability to lose fat. Another program provides Ready-To-Eat Meals, which include health bars, shakes, and various snacks with ingredients that are 100% natural. It is perfect for someone that has a busy schedule, since it requires no planning and the shcedule is easy to follow. The final program aids the body’s ability to detoxify substances. With the balanced low calorie diets that are at the individual's disposal, this plan will help restore his/her body’s inflammation response and gastrointestinal health.
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