Women's Health

It creeps up on you silently, insidiously the fatigue, the headaches, the crying jags, the sleepless nights. Are you crazy, or is it menopause?
If you've been wondering where to turn in the aftermath of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study, there are alternatives. In addition to herbsnutrition, and other natural remedies, biologically identical hormones are an option. Derived from plants (wild yams or soybeans), their molecular structure is the same as those produced naturally in the human body.
How do I know if I'm menopausal?
Menipausiagnosed retrospectively after 12 months without a period. The period leading up to that time, called perimenopause, can begin five years or more earlier. Although a woman may still have a menstrual cycle during perimenopause, she may experience symptoms very similar to those of menopause. A blood test or saliva test can measure hormone levels.